Fee Schedule

The fees in this schedule are accurate and apply to deposit accounts as of the effective date indicated. If you have any questions or require additional information on your accounts, please call a Member Services Representative at 850-769-3306.

Rates Effective April 1, 2018

Share Account Fees
Membership Share Par Value $5.00
Account Closure $25.00
(Closing account within six (6) months of opening)
Share Draft Account Fees
NSF $25.00 per item
Overdraft/Transfer Fee $3.00 per occurrence
Stop Payment $20.00 per request
Share Draft Printing Prices Vary
Temporary Checks $2.00 per book of 8
Copy of Paid Draft $5.00 per draft
Reopen Negative Checking $25.00
Returned Draft – Deposited item Returned $10.00 per draft
Returned Draft – for loan payment or same maker $30.00 per draft
Courtesy Pay*

$25.00 per item

Electronic Funds/Miscellaneous Fees
Account to Account (A2A) – outbound $2.00 per item
ATM/Check Card Overdraft $25.00 per occurrence
Bill Pay – Overnight Check $14.95
Bill Pay – Same Day Bill Payment $9.95
Check Card Stop Payment (add or delete) $30.00 per request
Excessive Proprietary ATM Transactions $1.00 per Transaction or Inquiry
4 FREE per month
Gift Cards $5.00
Prepaid Cards $9.95
Reload Prepaid Card Fee $4.95
Member Loan Payment Error $10.00
Popmoney E-greeting $.25 per item
Popmoney – Stop Payment $20.00 per item
Popmoney – Send/Request Money:
for $1.00 – $999.99 (3 day delivery) $.99
for $1.00 – $99.99 (next day) $1.99
for 1,000 & up (3 day delivery) $1.99
for $1,000.00 & up (next day) $2.99

Replacement Check Card or Credit Card

$10.00 per card
Replace Lost PIN

$5.00 per PIN (if mailed)

PIN – Rush Order $42.00 per PIN
Sales Draft Copy $5.00 per order
OvernightRush Order Cost Direct
ATM Photo Verification Cost Direct
Safe Deposit Lock Change Cost Direct
Safe Deposit Drilling Cost Direct
Safe Deposit Lost Key $25.00
Zipper Bags $10.00
Zipper Locking Bags $20.00

*Fee applies when overdraft is created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal or other electronic means. **If account balance is below $100 (except for Little Owls Accounts).

All Other Service Fees
Account Reconciliation/Research $15.00 per hour
ACH Origination $10.00 per item
Check Cashing (if less than $100 in savings with no other account relationship) $10.00 per check

Close IRA Fee


Convenience Fee (phone cash advances)

$2.00 ea.

Death Claim Admin. Fee


Deposited Item Return $10.00 per item
Dormant Fee (if account balance is below $100/except for Little Owls Savings Nest Accounts) $5.00 per month
Excessive Money Market Withdrawal – (Over 6) $25.00
Fax Transmission $2.00 per page
Foreign ACH Transaction $1.00 per item
Foreign Check Collection Fee $10.00 per check plus costs

Foreign Currency

$15.00 (min. of $300.00)

Invalid Address

$5.00 per month

Legal Processing Fee

$25.00 per item

Levy and/or Garnishment Fee $50.00 per item
Loan Documents $5.00 per item
Loose Coin 5% over $10.00
Money Order $2.00 per money order

Notary/SIG Guarantee

$1.00 per page (Excludes “My Choice” Checking)

Official Check

$3.00 per check

Official Check for Non-Member

Shared Branch Official Checks

Shared Branch Statement Copy

$15.00 per check

$3.00 per check

$1.00 per page


$1.00 per transaction (after 10 free per month)

Photocopy 10¢ per page
Returned ACH/Draft – NSF $25.00 per item
Returned ACH Origination $25.00 per item
Returned Item (Loan Payment) $30.00 per item
Returned Item (other institution/same maker) $30.00 per item
Safe Deposit Boxes:
3 X 5 $20.00 per year
5 X 5 $30.00 per year
3 X 10 $35.00 per year
5 X 10 $45.00 per year

10 X 10

$85.00 per year

Statement Mailing Fee

$2.00 per statement

Statement Copy $1.00 per page
Transaction History $1.00 per page
Transfer Loans to different account $15.00 per item
VISA® Copy Request $5.00 per copy
Wire Transfer (Incoming) $5.00 per transfer
Wire Transfer (Outgoing Domestic) $20.00 per transfer