Telephone Teller

PAT - Your “Anytime” Telephone Teller 1.800.403.6892 PAT is your 24-hour telephone teller for Panhandle Educators FCU. The convenience of PAT is available to members anytime day or night, weekends and even holidays! You can take care of transactions right over the telephone. Before calling you will need the following information to access your account: 1) Your account number, this is your member number and is printed in the upper right hand corner of your monthly statement. 2) Your PIN, this is your Personal Identification Number it is the last 4 digits of the primary account holder’s home telephone number -until you change it. 3) A Share Type Description Code, each type of account is assigned a description code.

Please refer to the Share Type Description Code list below:

Regular Shares (Savings) 01

Share Draft (Checking) Regular 75

Preferred Checking 76

Preferred 50 77

Preferred 50 Select 78

Business Checking 79

Club Account 08

Money Market 09